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Project Roadmap

This is a rough guideline of what features may be implemented in future versions of this project. New features will be added as they are discovered. Timeframes are not given as there are no fulltime developers.

Version 0.5

The goal the the 0.5 release is to provide a proof of concept. A solid foundation will be laid down for future releases. The core logic from this release could be used to build plugins for IDEs other than Eclipse, although Eclipse will be the focus for the first major release.

Version 0.6

  • Support for sub tasks (requires upgrade to Jira RPC plugin)
  • Comment on an issue from the Issue tracker and Issue viewer/editor
  • Provide dialog for editing issue details and performing workflow actions
  • Allow user to create and manage client side filter definitions
  • Complete support for the standard issue workflow
  • Enable GZip compression for low speed connections
  • Test SSL connectivity to server
  • Improve error handling
  • Add a 'quick search' to find an issue given its key
  • Add services to attach files to an issue
  • Allow images to be annotated before attaching to an issue
  • Create an editor for viewing/editing issues. This will allow the user to work on more than one issue at a time.

Version 0.7

  • Investigate adding watch and vote actions
  • Create a wizard for creating new issue
  • Create a wizard for editing issues
  • Integrate with Mylar

Version 1.0

The goal of the 1.0 release is implement all features that are required for day to day use of Jira. This includes searching, creating and resolving issues.

  • Remember recently viewed/edited issues. Display as a special filter or something.
  • Move Apache libraries into their own plugin to reduce size of upgrades
  • Provide control over the server cache (refresh named searches, projects, versions and components)
  • Investigate a user and group lookup (could have permission problems)
  • Investigate alternate presentations for the Issue Tracker
  • Support custom fields in Issue Tracker, Filter wizard and Issue Viewer/Editor

Version 1.1

The goal of the 1.1 release is to provide functionality above what already exists in the Jira Web Dashboard. The features are centered around providing a more seamless integration into the developer's daily workflow.

  • Investigate creation of shared/named filters from the IDE
  • Associate a Jira server and project to an Eclipse project
  • Provide hyperlinks inside the text editor to view the detail of an issue (requires support from Eclipse)
  • Investigate similar hyperlink support for the CVS and Subclipse revision history views
  • Prompt the user for an issue number when commiting to a project that has a Jira association (requires support from Eclipse)
  • Look at allowing pluggable workflow actions (should already be possible)
  • Investigate enhancing the Jira RPC plugin to allow access to more admin info such as workflow definitions

Future Versions

The goal of releases past 1.1 will be to further develop on the value added features and to branch out into IDEs other than Eclipse. Although, the Eclipse plugin will probably always be the proving ground for new features.