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Development Guide

Getting Started

Before you can start developing you will have to check out the following projects from the subversion repository. If you need a Subversion client, either download the Subversion command line client or get Subclipse.

  • trunk/org.tigris.jira (Branding plugin)
  • trunk/org.tigris.jira.core (Headless functionality)
  • trunk/org.tigris.jira.core.soap (Soap service implementation)
  • trunk/org.tigris.jira.doc (Help documentation)
  • trunk/org.tigris.jira.ui (User interface)
  • trunk/org.tigris.jira-feature (Feature)
If you wish to make patches to the webpage also check out trunk/www

Self Hosting

With all of the projects checked out into your workspace all that should be required to self host is to create a new Eclipse Application launch. By default all plugins in your running workbench plus those in the current workspace will be included in the target workbench.

Creating a release

  1. Update version numbers of changed projects (or all projects)
  2. Update org.tigris.jira-feature/feature.xml to reference the new plugin versions
  3. Update the version number of the jira feature in org.tigris.jira-feature/feature.xml
  4. Add a new feature version to www/update/site.xml
  5. Build the new feature version
  6. Verify the build worked by installing the new version as a local update site
  7. Checkin version number changes
  8. Checkin changes in www/update/features and www/update/plugins
  9. Tag all projects with the new version number (svn cp http://jira-dashboard.tigris.org/svn/jira-dashboard/trunk http://jira-dashboard.tigris.org/svn/jira-dashboard/tags/0.7.0)

Regenerating the SOAP bindings

There is a shared launch for generating the SOAP bindings in org.tigris.jira.core.soap. Open the Eclipse Launch Configuration Dialog and run the Java launch named "Jira WSDL2Java". This lauch will just execute the Axis WSDL2Java procress and output the results directly into the project's source folder.