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Change Log


  • Performance improvements for newer Jira instances


  • Allow connection to secure jira instances with invalid certificates
  • Added show in browser option in the issue navigator
  • Fixed authentication handling (broken in 0.9.0)
  • Made password optional
  • Fixed NullPointerException when viewing an issue with no priority (Jira 3.1.1 only)


  • Fixed incorrect encoding of Chinese characters
  • Added logging to feed handling
  • Added API to flush the server details
  • Improved caching of login tokens to reduce number of round trips


  • Dates in issues were showing up as empty for non US locales
  • Unified search API
  • Compatability issue with Jira 3.1.1 fixed
  • Added API to find an issue given an issue key
  • Fixed exception being logged for pre Java JVMs


  • Added actions to watch an issue. However, it is not yet possible to unwatch an issue.
  • Added action to vote for an issue. However, it is not yet possible to unvote for an issue.
  • You can watch an issue at the same time you reassign it
  • Added wizard for creating new issues
  • Added context menu to the issue navigator view for performing workflow actions
  • Added basic content outline


  • Resolved recently quick search was returning incorrect results


  • Browser widget is now used to display the issue details
  • Quick search was not working for installations that were not in the root context
  • Number of matches is now displayed in the status bar
  • Issues are now opened in a modeless editor instead of a modal dialog
  • Workflow actions can now be performed directly from the issue editor
  • Added service to attach a file to an issue
  • Images can be converted to jpeg format and annotated before they are posted to the server


  • Added assign to user action
  • Added comment on issue action
  • Added quick search
  • Assigned to me filter was returning resolved issues
  • Workflow actions were reassigning the issue back to the default assignee
  • Relative date filters were not working in Jira 3.3


  • Removed usage of deprecated search filters for servers running Jira 3.3 and above
  • Added ad-hoc query action to perform once off queries against a server
  • Favourite filters are now fully functional
  • Added support for the http.nonProxyHosts system property
  • Added confirmation before deleting a server instance


  • Added first version of client side filters
  • Added support for sub task issue types
  • Added Eclipse help plugin
  • Improved error handling. The most common failures now have informative error messages.


  • Renamed all packages to org.tigris
  • Unable to lookup issues or do any workflow actions with SSL enabled
  • Added "low speed connection" option to turn on GZip compression. Reduces network traffic by about 5x
  • Moved SOAP adapter into its own plugin
  • Created example plugin for XML-RPC (not functional)


  • Fixed NPE when viewing issues with null dates
  • Fixed NumberFormatException when parsing colour information of priorities. This only affected people using custom priorities


  • Initial Version